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After Your PhD Guests

Dr. Ravit Dotan – AI Ethics Expert

Dr. Ravit Dotan’s After Your PhD Interview

LinkedIn Excerpt: “I am an AI ethics practitioner, researcher, and activist. I work in the private, academic, and non-profit sectors to make technology safe and beneficial to all.”

Dr. Kyler Boerstler – Disruptive Behavior Data Scientist.

Dr. Kyle Boerstler’s After Your PhD Interview

LinkedIn Excerpt: “Why become a data scientist with a PhD in philosophy? Decision-making under uncertainty is something no one really enjoys, but it is an inevitable and frequent part of the human experience.”

Dr. Ethan Levine – Research and Data Analyst

Dr. Ethan Levine’s After Your PhD Interview

LinkedIn Excerpt: “As a researcher, teacher, and advocate, my work focuses on interpersonal violence and LGBTQ+ communities. I have published studies on peer sexual violence in adolescence, gender and criminal sex offense statutes, victimization and social support among LGBTQ+ youth, and scholar-practitioner collaborations.”

Dr. Ayala Sela – Content Designer

Dr. Ayala Sela’s After Your PhD Interview

LinkedIn Excerpt: “I was a creative scientist, now I’m a sciencey creative. SciComm is my fun, Excel is my superpower.”

Dr. Miranda Melcher – Educational Technologist

Dr. Miranda Melcher’s After Your PhD Interview

LinkedIn Excerpt: “As an educational technologist, one of her specialities includes developing inclusive learning pedagogy, focusing in particular on students with learning differences, disabilities, mental health challenges, or who are neurodiverse.”

Colin Levy – Director of Legal and Evangelist

Colin Levy’s After Your (JD) Interview

LinkedIn Excerpt: “I am a passionate advocate for legal technology. I am devoted to educating and inspiring others about legal tech.”

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