After Your PhD is an informational blog for academics exploring new careers and my passion project.

I’m an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analyst. That means I help organizations and clients rank content higher on Google and make their sites more visible and usable for search engines and human users. I was initially drawn to the profession when I made an online portfolio for my job search.

An Early Video Talking About Web Development And Career Portfolios

In order to detail the process of how the site was made and how it will continue to be made, Inside After Your PhD hosts practical content outside of the main blog. Inside After Your PhD is meant to show you behind the scenes of how After Your PhD. Inside After Your PhD is intended to provide a possible career alternative for academics who enjoy being creative and technical.

By showing what I do, maybe that will act as inspiration for others.

A meta photo showing WordPress as the article is written.

WordPress In Action

What You May Expect From Inside After Your PhD

  • Some Tips About Using WordPress
  • How Optimize Blog Posts
  • How To Set Up Informational Interviews For The Main Blog Site
  • Analytical Tools Like Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Mistakes I Made Along The Way (Learn by Doing)

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