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When I left academia, I didn’t know where to turn to. I was lost.

Most of my closest colleagues worked in a university setting. My past “bosses” were professors and teachers. Career guidance counselors at my university seemed to focus on undergraduates. Professional organizations were more geared toward undergraduates. My knowledge outside of academia was minimal.

My career journey from academia began by reading books, talking to people on LinkedIn through informational interviews, and searching on social media.

Based on what I could find, there were few resources that put career resources for PhDs all in one place outside of social media platforms. To help other academics who are leaving academia, I created a resource page that helps consolidate all of these resources into one place.

What is the Alt-Ac / PhD Career Resource List?

The Alt-Ac / PhD Career Resources page is a growing list of resources that are intended to help academics and PhDs explore careers outside of academia.

With this page, you can search for various types of resources. For instance, if you search “job board,” you can find results for job boards that can help PhDs.

To help my readers, the Alt-Ac Career Resource List is completely free to access with no paywall.

What Types of Resources Can You Find on the Alt-Ac PhD Career Resource List?

Below is a list of some of the more notable websites and resources that relate to the transition experience as an academic.


Newsletters are becoming the latest tool for communicating the experiences of PhDs.

Career Service Tools:

Check out these tools from Teal to help you in your job search.

Job Boards:

Explore a list of job boards for PhDs and academics.


Some of my favorite subreddits that helped me in my pivot.

LinkedIn Groups:

Connect with other PhDs on these LinkedIn groups.

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I am happy to add it to the list for free.

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