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The After Your PhD Blog is a free resource founded by Ryan Collins, PhD. Ryan is currently an SEO Strategist working in the private sector. As more and more PhDs consider careers outside of academia, I strongly feel that resources like After Your PhD are helpful for academics considering new careers.

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Questions Asked on After Your PhD:

  • What do I do after PhD?
  • How do I network with industry professionals?
  • What careers exist for PhDs?
  • Do other people regret their PhDs?
  • Is a PhD worth it?

Some of the text-based interviews are brief interviews that provide insight into the journeys of academics who made the decision to leave academia and pursue careers. Some of the careers already featured on the After Your PhD include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Educational Technologist
  • Content Designer

Share your experience and your story. My perspective is not enough. As more people leave academia, chances are you’ll want a faster way to share your story with folks.

How An Interview Works on After Your PhD

I’ll briefly interview you (whatever medium works for you, video, audio, or just text) and let you tell your story and help others in the process by sharing your story on the blog. I’ll edit the interview for brevity and clarity and try to reach as many people as possible.

Email or contact me on LinkedIn.

Recent Blog Posts from After Your PhD

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    If you have ever considered leaving academia, you probably have heard of The Professor Is In. The Professor is In provides career advice and consulting services for academics that are interested in academic jobs as well as detailing the harsh realities of academia in a range of topics like the publish-or-perish environment, anxiety, and the…

  • Should I Include My PhD Degree in an Industry Resume?

    When transitioning from academia to the industry, some academics grapple with the question of whether to include their PhD degree on their resume. For most jobs outside of research and leadership positions, a PhD is not necessarily a requirement. In terms of the US population, only 4.5% of people have a PhD in 2018 according…

  • I Regret my PhD, What Do I Do Now?

    I’m sitting here looking up at my PhD diploma. It’s late. At times, I’m very proud of my accomplishments. It took days, weeks, and years of my life to achieve. I read several books, took dozens of courses, taught undergraduates (for little to nothing), and wrote a dissertation. Other times, I look at my student…

  • How To Help People Leave Academia By Sharing Your Experiences

    Note: This post was originally posted on Medium, but updated for the After Your Blog. Why It Can Be Hard to Leave Academia When I first began searching for careers outside of academia, I felt lost and hopeless. The process of leaving academia was filled with questions on top of more questions. What will I…

  • 3 Guiding Principles For Anxious Career Searchers

    Note: This was originally published on my Medium and revised here. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question brings out a lot of anxiety for many including my younger self. In 2011–2015, I was an undergraduate at the University of North Texas for Radio, Television, and Film. I planned to…

  • 5 Career Paths For PhDs That Aren’t UX Research

    UX (user experience) research is a common career path for PhDs. Understandably, academics would want to apply their academic experience in one of the most direct ways possible, but user experience is not for everyone. Recently, layoffs have become more common in the tech industry, and user experience roles are sometimes one of the first…

  • 10 Books Every Introvert Should Read

    I am admittedly an introvert. I don’t normally go out of my way to meet people in person or start making conversation with folks. However, my post-academic transition taught me the importance of interpersonal skills (“soft skills”) and how they can benefit your career. I always assumed that hard skills alone and passion led to…

  • 5 Work From Home Essentials For Your Post-Academic Transition

    When I was a PhD student, my workplace essentials usually consisted of a laptop, a notebook, and an energy drink. I fortunately was able to attend classes on campus and move around. Once I transitioned from academia to the private sector, I found that I was sitting at a desk most of the day. To…

  • How to Network Faster with These Simple Words

    Trying to network with a small network can be especially frustrating. You feel trapped in your professional career. You tried everything, you clicked connect on LinkedIn, you wrote a LinkedIn post, or you went to an in-person event with little luck. As mentioned in this blog before, informational interviews can make a difference. Informational interviews…

  • How To Make Money As a Creative Professional

    Before embarking on my PhD journey, I worked as a freelance photographer while I was completing my undergrad and master’s degree. I captured weddings, engagements, and various special events. I worked mostly out of Dallas Fort Worth and then did a few gigs in Indiana. Bloomington, Indiana – 2020 – Ryan Collins Although I enjoyed…