PhD Career Resources

This webpage serves as a curated collection of online PhD careers resources tailored for Ph.D. professionals seeking to transition from academia to alternative career paths. The featured resources encompass podcasts, websites, and newsletters. I highly encourage leveraging these resources to broaden your perspective and discover rewarding career opportunities beyond the academic realm. Notably, many of these valuable resources were discovered through networking with others.

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​HirePhD is a registered non-profit organization that helps talents with advanced degrees (PhD/Masters) navigate career paths outside of academia.

The Bold PhD

The Bold PhD helps PhD-holders land fulfilling non-academic jobs. Founded by Dr. Gertrude Nonterah.


Roostervane is a resource guide created by Chris Cornthwaite, who graduated with PhD in religious studies.

The Recovering Academic

A series on life after academe with riffs on fatherhood, identity, and the writing life.

By Joshua Doležal

PhD to Industry Weekly Newsletter

A weekly newsletter dedicated to helping you navigate the transition from academia to industry and accelerate your career growth.

Young Entrepreneurs in Science

Young Entrepreneurs in Science is part of and enabled by the Falling Walls Foundation in Berlin, initiated in 2017 by the chairman of the board of trustees, Prof. Dr Jürgen Mlynek. Falling Walls is a not-for-profit organization that aims to communicate science and research to the public and to promote inter- and transdisciplinary exchange.

Minerva Recruitment

As a Scholar-Activist, Rosalie is particularly motivated to empower women (and other frequently marginalized scholars) to find better (and more secure) employment opportunities – whether outside or inside ‘the Academy’. 

Altac Careers UK

A group open to everyone. You can be in academia, out of academia, or hybrid to join the Facebook group & you don’t have to be in the UK!

Employed Historian

A website dedicated to helping liberal arts and humanities graduates land a job.

Papa PhD

Since 2019, and out of a wish to give back to the young researcher community, David produces and hosts Papa PhD, a weekly show where he shares the stories of guests with the most varied post-PhD career journeys and experiences.